ANGELINA JOLIE: A Glimpse at Her Newest Ink


Angelina Jolie sure has plenty tattoos inspired by her several travels, charity work, children, and just about her attitude. The Maleficent star has gotten yet another tattoo inked on her. 

The new ink was captured by paparazzi as she took a casual stroll in New York City on Tuesy, June 15. The tattoo is from a Galileo Galilei quote, and I inscribed on her forearm. It reads, "Eppur si muove," which translates to "and yet it moves."

The quote dates back to 1633, when Galilio the astronomer was forced to withdraw his proposition that the Earth moves around the Sun, but some are implying that it is aimed at her ex-husband Brad Pitt who is currently in a child custody court battle with her.

Brad Pitt has been granted joint custody, but there are speculations that Angelina Jolie would appeal the court judgment.

See a picture of the new tattoo below: 

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