A$AP Rocky Defends Rihanna at a NYC Bar


A$AP Rocky Defends Rihanna from a Bouncer at a NYC Bar

A video has been circulating online in which a strict bouncer would not let Rihanna into a bar for a date with A$AP Rocky at Barcade in NYC.

Rihanna and Rocky are seen in the video standing side by side and facing the bouncer, whose back was captured on camera in the 10-second clip. The reason for the restriction, it is purported, is because Rihanna was without an ID.

Rihanna remained calm and kept a smiling face through it all, occasionally letting out a few words to the security guard, while her date, A$AP Rocky spoke passionately to the bouncer in her defense.

The conversation was largely indistinct due to noise in the background, but a Twitter user claimed:

“I just saw a bouncer try to not let rihanna into a bar for not having id lmaoooo whose mans is this.”


Watch the video below: 


Someone confirmed it after reposting, saying; “it’s funny because it’s true.”

Fans also noticed that there was something new with Rihanna that night; her matching shark tattoo with Drake which used to be right above her ankle, seemed to have been covered up, replaced with a new tattoo of what looks like a crown.

The couple were eventually granted entry to the bar, nonetheless, and we're caught on camera getting cosy in the bar. See some pictures below:

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