A 33 year old Brazilian woman killed husband, cut and fried his penis in self defense.

The issues of home violence is becoming increasingly much in our present society. 

A 33 year old Brazilian woman with the name Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado, has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband and cutting off his penis and cooking it.

It was reported that Cristina  cutted off her husband, Andre’s penis and cooked it in soybean oil in a frying pan.

The Police were invited to the couple’s house in the neighbourhood of Santa Catarin where they found found her husband’s naked and mutilated body

They the autopsy showed that the of killing crime occurred around 4am in the morning before which the couple had a heated arguement about splitting up.

While investigating the police found a kitchen knife in the crime scene which is believed to be the murder weapon she used in killing her 

The couple have been together for 10 years and have 2 kids, a son (8 years old) and a daughter (5 years old) and while being together they ran a pizzeria together.

It was also reported that around 2 years ago, the couple started talking on separating. 

 News site UOL reports that the couple went out together for a drink on the night of the incident before the argument arised. 

Cristina’s lawyer, Carla Policarpo, defended her saying that her act was in self defense. He also narrated that Andre threatened to kill her instead of separating with her. 

 “He did not accept the end of the relationship and said that if she could not be with him, she could not be with anyone.” Carla Policarpo said. 

Also Adriana Santos, Andre’s sister,  clearly told the police that the suspect, Cristina killed her brother out of revenge for once cheating on her some years ago. 

The case is still under investigation... 

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