Popular Instagram influencer, Nwagbo Chidera, popularly known as Pankeeroy, released from EFCC custody, shares the main reason for his arrest.

Name and fame is one thing which takes just a little stumble to be destroyed. It's very unfortunate that some people got their names destroyed with wrong accusations and misunderstandings. 

Popular Instagram influencer, Nwagbo Chidera, popularly known as Pankeeroy, made a post to cleare the air on his arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. 

The influencer who was arrested on April 20 where he was shooting audio-visual commercials with his teammates in Lagos announced his release on Friday. 

To clear his name Pankeeroy took to his Instagram page on Friday, May 28, 2021, where he released a press statement about his arrest.

He posted a statement issued by his lawyers titled, 
 Re: Arrest of Nwagbo Chidera Oliver ‘Pankeeroy’ by men of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission over his involvement in the business of digital currency.

The statement read in part,

 “It is necessary to state here that there was no form of petition against our client, and as such, implies that no crime in whatever form was perpetrated against any person(s), company, establishment, or business of our client.

"Further to the above, it is also worthy to state that the arrest was based on discreet information that our client was an enthusiast of digital currency solely in the year 2020 (at the heat of Covid19 lockdown), which in no doubt is the future of economic transactions.

“Upon questioning and facts finding by officers of the Commission, our Client was released as there was no form of nexus linking him to the purported commission of the investigated crime.

“The positions of the Federal Government and its agencies are clear on Digital Currency, and as such, hamper various levels of growth and development in the economic and digital space.

However, this call to notice is necessary to clear the air and further repose the long term confidence of fans, friends, family members, and business associates of our client that on no occasion was our client indicted of any crime/offense, and as such, the arrest was a product of job hazard majorly experienced in the creative space, particularly the business of digital currency.

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