If the Government could do this then the future of Nigeria would be better, NUT called out on the Government to do the needful.

It has been well known that one of the major problems of Nigeria is overpopulation and illiteracy. 

As Nigeria celebrates the children’s day on Thursday, the Nigeria Union of Teachers pointed out one of the problems ; illiteracy which has started already from the children in the street. 

According to him, if those children on the road could be picked up now and trained the rate of illegally could be reduced at least to small percentage. 

Secretary-General of NUT, Dr Mike Ike-Ene, called on the government to return out-of-school-children back to the classroom.
He said that if the out-of-school-children were not assisted, they could grow up to become calamities in the society. 

He advised the government to remove all children wandering on the streets and enroll them in schools, adding that some of them. 

He emphasized that most of those children wondering in the streets were victims of some misfortunes, some were orphans some were victims of natural calamities and some victims of herdsmen and bandits attacks. 

He advised the government to remove them all the street before it becomes too late. 
He also urged the government to improve the education sector by providing instructional materials, infrastructure and motivate teachers who were critical stakeholders in the education sector so that they can do their job with happiness and with more zeal. 

His speech read in parts , 

“For those not in school, either as a result of being in IDPs or chased away by herders, bandits, we want the government to take step to gather them and ensure they give them education. Some of them have lost their parents and just wandering on the streets. Once you do not give them education, they will become a menace to those who have applied education and that is where inequality comes in, so government should make education accessible, equitable, and quality in nature.”

“We are requesting the government to always do the needful by providing infrastructure, and instructional materials, children are not supposed to sit under any tree to receive lectures, the moment it happens, you are hardening them. Government should ensure that the providers of education; the teachers remain the most critical factor in the school, they should be motivated so that they can help the children become what they should be,” he explained.

Ike-Ene went on to plead with and encouraged every Nigerian who are in place to help to quickly do. He encouraged those who can assist the education sector in anyway to not hesitate to do so to help every inconvenienced child achieve greatness there by making the future of the country better. 

He said, 
“We are all part of the government, if everybody has a change of heart and attitude, our children will overcome, malpractice, nepotism and all sorts of social vices by looking at the elders who are all part of the government.”

The national president, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Mr Yomi Otubela, also looked talked about the education sector in Nigeria. 

He bitterly reminenced on the insecurity the children has been facing for a few years now even when they were in schools. 

He strongly advised schools and homes must remain vigilant and ensure the safety of the children placed under their care.

He also advised the stakeholders in education to figure out ways to minimize the impact of Covid 19 so that learning activities could be achieved without interruption. 

His speech read in parts, 

“In the last few years, Nigerian children have had a fair share of the insecurity challenges that have continued to ravage the social fabric of the country. This has manifested in form of kidnappings, killings, raping in schools and at home.”

“This calls for policymakers, educational administrators, to fashion out ways to minimise the impact of the COVID- 19 pandemic while ensuring that learning activities are achieved seamlessly and without interruption." he said. 

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