Every Individual especially parents should Take Note of this! - Dentist revealed a very risky habits common among people.

There Some common practices could be very unhealthy of which people don't seem to take notes. 

On Tuesday dentist, Dr. Basil Tochukwu, revealed one of the common practices that are detrimental to Man's health. 

He narrated the effects of thumb sucking which is very common in children. 

He warns parents to try and stop their children from sucking their thumbs. 

 He called out to parents who have children that suck and have tried to stop them to no avail to bring such children to the dentist to help them to stop the child from having deformed jaw formation.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Jos that thumb-sucking causes skeletal and dental malformation and it can change the pattern of dental development and also the jaw formation.

The dentist who is also a chief executive officer of a dental clinic, listed some other habits that are harmful to the tooth gum. 

Such habits includes: opening the cork of soft drink with the teeth which would lead to the breaking of the tooth or teeth, drinking coffee and smoking tobacco which he said could stain the teeth with caffeine and nicotine.

He advised that for any individual to maintain proper oral health, it was advisable that they visit the dentist at least twice a year “as the mouth serves as the gateway to the body".

He heavily recommended scaling and polishing of the teeth at least once yearly to remove the calculus and plaques.

He emphasized that teeth scaling and polishing removes calculus and plaque that causes gingivitis in children and periodontitis in adults. 

He explained that the Gingivitis and periodontitis when not treated eats up the gum supporting the tooth which cause the tooth to fall off.


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