Biography of Kajoh Tertseagh Emmanuel aka Emmy kay


Born kajoh Tertseagh Emmanuel (Emmy Kay)

 May 5, 2000

 Age (21)


 Singer, song writer guitarist 

Active years 2018- present

Musical career


Gospel, Rnb, afro, 

Early life 

Kajoh Tertseagh Emmanuel aka Emmy kay

Was born in Makurdi Benue state, from a very tender age he was interested in music he used to sing 

with his two elder sister’s at home, he joined his church choir and improved on him self over the years

he released his first single in 2018 titled i adore you featuring a friend of his, he was very fund of the 

guitar and learned how to play, his siblings played a great role in his music career and development 

when his elder brother saw his love for music he bought him an acoustic guitar,he started writing songs 

at age 12 and improved greatly on his vocals, his great inspiration is God because he has blessed him 

with this gift.

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