Biography of L2dK


My name is Meko Kelvin Abiola, I'm from Warri, Nigeria and I sign my work under the artist name L2DK.

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to UAE, South Africa, Ghana. which has influenced my creative style and process.

 I create art because I love arts and because the world itself revolves around arts.. 

I specialize in Singing, rap, song writing. and I focus on Life in general and the ills of the society at large.. I also enjoy working with Instrument.

My art style is Spontaneous.. 

I am motivated by Family, friends, society and occurrences in my daily life. I've been creating art for 10 years. 

My favorite artist is Mr. Incredible and I find their work to be Informative and inspiring!

 I connect with the art community by Engaging on social media. My work has shown at Different radio stations across the country and soon to be on all major radio and tv stations.

When people see my work, I hope they experience Life in its purest form

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