Why I left my church - A write up by Naomi Nisha Ndam #Arewapublisize

 Why I left my church - A write up by Naomi Nisha Ndam #Arewapublisize

Why I left my church - A write up by Naomi Nisha Ndam #Arewapublisize
I was a very committed member to my church, so committed that everyone knew me, even new members. And no, I wasn't doing eye service, I love the Lord for real and enjoy working for God. I was in the choir too, a lot of people have told me how nice my voice is, I had heard it too, so I know my voice is good. I was also a Sunday school teacher.

Along the line, I had a boyfriend whom I loved so much. He loved me too because he doesn't just say it, he showed it in diverse ways and was even talking about getting married to me. We were cool and some church members knew about us, they encouraged us because they liked us, me especially.

Two Years ago, we made a huge mistake and we owned up to it, we met our pastor and told him what we have done and asked for forgiveness. My boyfriend said he would get married to me but doesn't have money for a ceremony at that time so he got rings and asked the pastor to call a few people and bless our marriage.

The pastor agreed but it didn't go on without preaching of all sorts and judging words from the elders of the church. I wasn't even bothered because I knew God had already forgiven us.

Two months later, we were married, not in a big way, infact only few people knew and there was no refreshment of any sort. We couldn't risk it because we didn't have enough and I wasn't working, so we had to think of our future instead. What matters was that we wanted to be together and my boyfriend, now my husband didn't deny me or our baby. I couldn't be more grateful.

 Even after our marriage, I was asked to leave the choir because they said I was a bad example, I was asked to quit being a Sunday school teacher too because they said the children will never learn anything good from me.

I got a lot of insults from people, even those I called friends. Some said I got pregnant out of wedlock and was forced to get married to somebody I wasn't supposed to get married to. Well, I wonder how they know that because I sinned I didnt deny but still I am with the love of my life, what other 'God's will' is there again?

Anytime I entered the church, people looked at me with contempt and disgust. Parents stopped their children from even talking to me. I was avoided by most people, even those I greeted never replied. Whoever preached on Sundays for three months used me as a bad example and a topic for their preachings. That was enough for me to leave the church but I didn't.

The stigma was much and I always felt bad but I was lucky because I had my husband who stood by me all through and I will forever be grateful.

Some people advised me to change church or stop going completely to avoid being embarrassed repeatedly but I refused to listen because the more I heard their talks the more strengthened I became.

One month after I had given birth to my baby, I got a job that paid me well. I was given a little time to take care of my baby and then I started officially.

Since I started the job, I have had blessings althrough. 

I got promoted twice in 7months and that meant increase of my salary. We have been doing well and my baby is so lucky because he wasn't born with a silver spoon but we are raising him with spoons that are more than silver. 

I always donate to the church with the little money I had. I became more comfortable so I left to a church that accepted me more and judged less.

Two weeks ago, my pastor called me to say I have backslided and I am following the wrong church where there is no spirit of God. I didn't tell him anything but just listened to his preaching and 'advice'.

Later I heard people saying the church helped me grow but when I did I left them to spend my money on another church. The same people who pushed me aside.

*inspired by a true life story

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