[Story] One cold Night - a write up by Panshak Jan Gakchime #Arewapublisize

[Story] One cold Night - a write up by Panshak Jan Gakchime #Arewapublisize

[Story] One cold Night - a write up by Panshak Jan Gakchime #Arewapublisize

 One cold night in August 2020, I needed to conclude my assignments before dawn, but the electricity Company disappointed and half of the city was dark, few homes and business centre's decorated the city with beautiful bulb lights from their generators, I was obviously too late for lectures that morning that I forgot to plug in my lantern, my only alternative to brightening my room.

I had to get a Candle from the nearest shop to finish my work, walking out of my lodge I had my Jacket and an headphone hanging round my neck, while other students laughed and chatted outside late, I knew I had to be in my room early, to finish the assignment or be ready to rewrite the next year. 

"I need Candle" I said passing the ₦100 note I held. 

"patience young man, Patience! We have been standing here before you came, you should learn to wait" it was a ladies voice, I turned to look at who the preacher was but the shop guy had collected my money and was heading for the candle and my change. But before I could utter a word he returned with the candle and I walked away. 

Beautiful and bold, she was. I knew I needed to be back in my room for my assignments but just like she said I have to learn to wait, so I decided to hang around until she was done buying her things. 

"I think waiting actually doesn't cost much" I said as she walked pass me, since she was heading to my direction I decided to do the chasing,although half the time she ignored me she still seemed to be enjoying it, she will stop for a minute and ask me to quit talking to her or following her, but I kept walking home until she finally said her name, Gloria.

When I returned to my room I had my Jacket, Candle, headphones and Gloria's Number. So I did my assignments and was able to submit while others were submitting.

A week passed then another, Gloria and I had gone through the talking stage, we hangout together at different places we knew we could have fun. She made me understood why they say "Love is beautiful" and for the first time in my life I found love, she was a good dancer, a good cook, a good talker and listener, and above all intelligent and more. 

"The past few days, you have brough happiness into my life, being around you is a feeling I pray to last a last time, so I ask if Gloria, will you be my Girlfriend" I said while we both ate dinner.

"I am a girl and your friend, so I have always been your girlfriend "


comon don't be like that, you clearly understand what I mean"

"Maybe I dont" she said grabbed her plate and cup,looked at me urging me to get mine as we both walked into the kitchen to wash them. 

next Morning,while dressing my bed, I lifted the heavy Eskimo blanket to fold an a small wallet fell, I have seen Gloria take money from it several times to pay for out transport and get few things for herself,each time I tried to stop her she will call herself a Feminist and stopping her was gender inequality, as a student I appreciated those little kind gestures. 

A week passed and I never said those words again, we got too attached to eachother that we spoke everyday,although due to lecture schedules we couldn't meet everyday. 

 One night I was alone in my room playing the Grand Theft Auto game on my Computer, my phone beeps and it was a text from Gloria which I read, "I will miss you".was she travelling or dropping out of school? Being around Gloria for a while thought me that she could be a psycho sometimes. Immediately I texted back "I kinda miss you too" and in a second she replied "Bye"with a crying Emoji. Tried to call to know what was wrong and why she was saying those words but her phone never rang again. A week passed, then a month then two, nobody knew where Gloria was, I can't deny I miss her. 

End of Semester was approaching already, everyone was busy, but no matter how hard I tried to be busy to take her off my mind she was still there, I woke up one morning trying to gather all my materials to help me prepare for exams, as I searched through my big History Textbooks and handouts I found a wallet, Gloria's wallet, why is it still with me, I should have returned it. curious if I could find anything to lead me to her I checked and her National Identity Card and few papers where intact. Her address was boldly written Behind St Andrews church Gwarinpa. I needed to see her immediately and know why she was away from school for so long. two days later I gathered my transport fare, a bag containing few clothes and walked to the park. 

In less than three hours I arrived at her community and was able to located her house after asking few kids outside. 

Knock knock...

"who is there? "an elderly Woman voice. 

"it's me Ma" 

It took a moment for her to get to the door and when she finally did, she welcomed me in like I was no stranger, she served me a glass of water and sat down to listen to me narrate how I became friends with her daughter, and how no one has seen or head from her in months. 

"You mean you met Gloria? and you got her identity card from her wallet and was able to locate this place using it?" the woman who identified herself as her mother asked me several questions, I was beginning to think I had travelled to insanity. 

"Yes ma"

"Come with me my Son" she said urging me to follow her to an inner room, it was locked with keys, it took her few seconds to locate the lock and when it finally opened we both walked in. It was Gloria's room, I couldn't miss her pictures on the wall. It reminded me of how peaceful being around her felt, so a moment I felt her presence in the room. 

"My Son, this use to be her room until three months ago when news reached us that she was one of the casualties of a bus accident that took place in August, the police officers who found her school identity card reported the case to the Family just two months ago, we as a Family have since done our best to recover from the shock, and I will strongly advice you do the same "

My feets are failing me, I'm sweating in a room with good air conditioner, I am still trying to digest how I fell in love with a ghost.

Panshak j. 


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