[Story] Instruments in the house - A story by Stephanie Golmwen #Arewapublisize

 [Story] Instruments in the house - A story by Stephanie Golmwen #Arewapublisize

[Story] Instruments in the house - A story by Stephanie Golmwen #Arewapublisize
'Be an instrument in the house of the Lord. We're all one and nothing can separate us" the pastor in my local church shouted like that was the only thing he had to say. 
'If you are a painter, please, wait behind. This church needs a new look and as a church, we're running out of funds. Volunteer and God will bless you'
I waited after the service and meet the pastor. 'Good morning, sir. Well, I paint walls. I won't hesitate to help." He looked at me and asked if i was sure I can paint. I giggled and said yes. "So, tomorrow by 8:00 am, come around so you will join others and get it done"

Well, I went. I did my best and I believed God blessed me. 
Aside that, I was a dedicated member in my local church. I did all a true child of God should do in his sanctuary.

Months past; my face swelled and my belly started growing. I'm pregnant. 

Last week, I went to church. I got black eyes and speeches that left my legs rooted to the ground. 
I was made to stand up amidst all the black eyes I saw.
'You're suspended from the church. You're a black sheep and a black sheep can't be amidst white ones.' 
My mum bowed her head in shame
My dad left the church before the Sunday I went.
I cried like my heart was going to drop down from my chest. 
I felt rejected but where is the love? I thought we're all instruments in the house of the Lord! And I thought nothing will separate us, not even a sword to our necks.
But I'll keep breathing.
I'll smile again and my unborn child will not mingle with hypocrites.

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