Power of single mothers - write up by Naomi Nisha Ndam #Arewapublisize

 Power of single mothers - write up by Naomi Nisha Ndam #Arewapublisize

Power of single mothers - write up by Naomi Nisha Ndam #Arewapublisize
Single mothers are one of the strongest people I have ever seen. 

Growing up with both parents was all fun and sweet until life happened.

You might never really understand the pains a single mother goes through every night.

Most of them wished things were different. 

Most wished they could go back in time. 

But since life is not a Nintendo Game, they wake up every morning and face reality.

I have met few. 

And I have make friends with some. 

Each time they recount their stories, they always have one thing in common... "BETRAYAL"

Most of them found love at a tender age, and they gave in their all. 

They had pictured a simple and beautiful life together.

But along the line, the devil decided to send the man in their life an errand. 

And he obliged without looking back. 

So who are you to laugh and make fun of a lady's predicament when you have no single idea about her struggle. 

I understand that some were just too lose and wayward.

Having fun and "enjoying life".

But that single decision to become a mother covered it all. 

You might not understand, No you don't until it rains on your roof.

My dear single mothers.

I know how hard it is especially in this part of world were sinners judge other sinners because they sin differently. 

Don't give in to the pressure and mockery. 

Be strong and focus on your kid/s

It takes courage and a big guts to pull such title and they know it. 

You have been strong for too long. 

You can't stop now because of mere talk. 

With guidance and good upbringing, that child will make you proud one day. 

Just keep praying for him. 

Talk to him as often as you can. 

Pull him closer to yourself. 

And love him so dearly that he will always feel the warmth of your embrace even when he is miles away from home.

Despite the pains and tears, You have pulled through all these years. 

Just one more step at a time and you will smile again. 

I love you 


Ps: This article is in no way encouraging young girls to end up as single mothers in our society. 

But rather it is to applaud those who have already find themselves in such condition and has refused to back down.


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