MEN AS THE BREADWINNERS - A write up by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

 MEN AS THE BREADWINNERS - A write up by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

You will start to count reasons from now till tomorrow of why you should not disrespect the men in your life, and still find the counting tiresome without reaching the end. It’s on everyone’s dining table menu to see ladies who support their men, excuse them, forgive them, show them genuine care, see them as heroes and praise them as rare women.

My dear, the number of people you’re personally acquainted with who are jobless is quite much right? The government is not providing enough job for people, and the people are not empowering themselves with skills; that’s a story for another day.

You will believe with me that job finding is truly difficult, despite the struggles and troubles the man undergoes to get a job. And what does he do with that job? He provides a shelters the family with it, and sometimes with the entirety of his income. He’s the pillar upon which all members of the family rest on.

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