CRABOLOGY - A write up by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

 CRABOLOGY - A write up by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

CRABOLOGY - A write up by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

The *word crabology* is coined from the word CRAB. Yes, the same crab that you know. There is something very interesting, yet wicked about crabs. If you had ever hunted crabs you would know that once you have two or more crabs in a basin, no matter how shallow, *you don’t need to cover because none of the crabs will escape.*

Leave them in the open basin for weeks, *none will escape, even though each of the crabs has the capacity to crawl out.* Now this is what happens; *whenever any crab tries to crawl out, the other crabs will instinctively pull it down*. 


So, *they would rather die than to see one crab escape*; hmmmm! Therefore, the word crabology is synonymous *with - pulling down syndrome.*

If you research on this word you would likely see the sentence *If I am not free, neither would you*, *if I am not there neither would you*. This is *crab mentality and I think it is witchcraft!*

Sadly, many people in offices, market places, families, neighborhoods, schools, mosques, churches etc., have this mentality. So the word Crabology *is not about crabs, it is about us, humans.*

Crabology is the *study of the mental attitude, language and actions of individuals within a society who refuse to support others in their efforts to better themselves, their community, and/or their organization(s).*

You must *consciously deal with such mentality with the understanding that the candle you light can never reduce your brightness.* You must *build people around you, help people to succeed because transcendency is true fulfillment in life - helping others to be fulfilled.*

Desist from *talking people down instead use words that dignify others*. Celebrate people's achievements. *Man was made for the sake of another man.*

Never be happy that you are the only wealthy person around. It is actually very dangerous because whenever the poor become so hungry, the rich becomes their target. This is so common in Nigeria, people like to see others coming to worship and

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