[EP] 2'Wyth Gbedupoet - The Gbedupoet


THE GBEDUPOET EP is a blend of poetry and music to make the world dance to Poetry. This EP was cooked with the following languages: Degema Language, Pidgin English, English Language and Spanish to tell my stories, my struggle and my aspirations as I champion a new brand of poetry globally called GbeduPoetry.

GbeduPoetry is that brand of poetry you can dance to and vibe to. If you're looking for poetry to party with, GbeduPoetry is your best bet.

He's a unique Creative who is obsessed with innovations. Officially, he's Otatane-oso Freeman Andrew a.k.a 2'WYTH GBEDUPOET. He's a GBEDUPOET, that Poet that can make you dance to Poetry, he invented GbeduPoetry, that Poetry you can dance to or vibe to. He's the first Poet to drop a Spoken Word Artistic Poetry Album in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. He's the Host of "The GbeduPoet Show" with Lagos Theatre Festival and Lagos Fringe.

Beyond Poetry, 2'WYTH GBEDUPOET is an Author of several books, a Photographer, a Model, a Graphics Designer and a Fashion Designer. He's a graduate of Human Anatomy, University of Uyo; a native of Usokun, Rivers State, Nigeria.


Download Tracks

1. Ungbemgbe

2. Ude Misoma

3. Poco A Poco

4. Peotry! Love Me

5. Mango


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