P Tee Money – “Overdose On Freshness” ft. Pat-E #Arewapublisize

  P Tee Money – “Overdose On Freshness” ft. Pat-E #Arewapublisize

P Tee Money – “Overdose On Freshness” ft. Pat-E #Arewapublisize

Bringing the heat straight to the city street ones again, UK based DJ /Music producer ‘’P Tee Money’’ joins forces in collaboration with Pat-E a Nigerian based Upcoming artist to verbally beat up the bars with serious fineness next-level professionalism in full beast mode, in a powerful demonstration and unified collaboration on all fronts, ‘’Overdose on Freshness,’’ a new single out, with stunning charming vocals that adds radiant melody to his signature style of storyteller-folk music.

P Tee Money and Pat-E return to the scene again with a new banger ‘’Overdose on Freshness’ ‘An authentic dose of captivating songwriting combined with bright and bold instrumentation and vocals that put the true passion of his hard work into the centre of the spotlight.

The song “Overdose on Freshness” flourishes with club-hot beat rich with cracking snares and kicks, plucky synths, and fat baselines. You’ll catch yourself, either tapping your foot or nodding your head side to side from the very first listen to this track.

The music also takes you on a very interesting journey – because it is mild, but also very energizing positively, as it captivates the mind, body and soul. Every syllable in P Tee Money’s music will resonate through your body leaving you with a wonderful afterglow.

This is a man who has mastered the art of conveying his emotions with such clarity through his music.

P Tee Money belongs to a select worldwide list of DJs and producers in Europe whose music is ample proof that the well of rich musical wealth is far from dry.

P Tee Money – “Overdose On Freshness” ft. Pat-E

 Enjoy “Overdose on Freshness” below

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