J-town Sound King Mr Cool Da'g has just his first ever EP and he calls it ''GOOD SOUND'', and Believe me every track is a HIT. This are songs you will Love to have on your playlist.

Download the Full EP below

1. Suffering and Smiling 

2. Don't Worry MaMa/PaPa

3. Sound King 

4.  JeJe 

5. Blessings 

6. Freedom 

7.  Turn by Turn 

8. Follow Me 

9. Stay Strong 

Good sounds EP album motivation behind each track

1. Suffering and Smiling: This song is all about what what is happening in our dear country Nigeria, people living hand to mouth, graduates like me rooming round the street with no work, people dying in hunger and poverty but the government doing nothig about it. Confused government rulling the country with no direction.

2. Don't Worry MaMa/PaPa: This song is a dedication to all perents, no matter how bad the situation is, don't worry is going to be good some day in Jesus name.

3. Sound King: This song is talking about my music story and how I get the name Sound King as my hype name.

4.  JeJe: Life have become so hard that have make some of the youths to go astray, but I just one to tell my follow youths that no mater how hard it is, just take it easily and Jejely cos one day we go chop belle full for this street way we dey so.

5. Blessings: This song is a prayerful one to God almighty praying for more blessing, talents, protection, money, help us to worship him more and the host of other goodies.

6. Freedom: This song is talking about ba governance, coroption practices, and the host of others we are fade up and tired we need our freedom from all bad practices going on in this country of ours (Nigeria).

7. Turn by Turn: Life is so hard that sometime you think God is not answering your prayers but is not like that all in this life is turn by turn once God said is your time and season, no body can stop it.

8. Follow Me: Everyday of our life we pray for more favor and all the good things of life this song is all about praying to God for all the blessings he have for us not to pass us.

9. Stay Strong: This song is for love once to always stay strong for your partner in all times.

DA'G music gener: Street Gospel
Composed of Afro pop, Afro Rnb, Afro Beat, Afro hippop, Afro Dance hall.
All songs produce by DA'G ( Jtown Sound king) 
[email protected] DA'G entertainment
[email protected] +234-8162261491
[email protected] Da'g Sound king

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