The Real Truth About The Shooting That Happened at Lekki Toll Gate by Alexander Ubani #Arewapublisize

  The Real Truth About The Shooting That Happened at Lekki Toll Gate by Alexander Ubani #Arewapublisize

The Real Truth About The Shooting That Happened at Lekki Toll Gate by Alexander Ubani #Arewapublisize

In this special report, Alexander Thandi Ubani provides insight into the Lekki shooting that left many dead and injured. 

Events of the past few days especially the globally publicized shooting of #EndSARS protesters by soldiers at Lekki toll gate has left traumatic scars in my memory and that of many other Nigerians.


However, the federal government and the Nigerian army have been working hard to disabuse the minds of people into thinking that such a thing never happened. The federal government of Nigeria and the Nigerian army have over the past few days continued a media campaign at gaslighting this very issue, creating doubts in the minds of people using paid influencers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to make them believe that the shooting didn't happen.  


This persuasive power of the media which they have grabbed with effrontery can only suceed in the minds of those who didn't watch the livestreamed video of a popular Nigerian Disc Jockey who was at the scene of the shooting.


While the families of the protesters who died from the shooting continue to wallow in pain, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari chose not to speak about the shooting, and neither did he send condolences during his national broadcast.


Even with clear evidence, the Nigerian army has continued to deny that its men were at Lekki toll gate during the shooting. Can an Instagram video by a reputable figure like DJ Switch be photoshopped too?


My name is Alexander Thandi Ubani and I am going to fact-check some of these issues and tell the truth about Lekki shooting the government doesn't want you to know.


The Real Truth About The Shooting That Happened at Lekki Toll Gate by Alexander Ubani #Arewapublisize

Were soldiers at the scene of the shooting?


First, we begin by saying it loud and clear that soldiers were at Lekki toll gate during the time eyewitnesses said shots were fired at protesters. This was confirmed by Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu during BBC's Newshour programme. He said that there was a consensus that security operatives wouldn't be at the scene till after But, soldiers disobeyed his directive and went to confront protesters. This is contrary to Nigerian military's position that none of its men were at the scene of the shooting. The military had dubbed reports of its men at the scene of the shooting as 'FAKE NEWS'. With the governor's confirmation, it is now clear that the military was the one spreading fake news.




Were soldiers at the Lekki toll gate during the shooting? 


The answer is a capital YES. Governor Sanwo-Olu confirmed it.


Did soldiers open fire on protesters?


The answer is a resounding YES - according to eyewitnesses and livestreamed video of DJ Switch.


Did people die or get injured from the shooting?


The answer is a loud YES. Many are being treated at different hospitals as confirmed by Lagos state governor. Over 15 bodies were counted by a popular dj, DJ Switch. Lagos state government has confirmed two deaths.


Were billboards switched off during the shooting?


Yes. Billboards which supplied light at the protest venue were switched off.


Has anyone been held responsible?


No. The military denied being at the scene of the incident. It claimed videos were photoshopped even when the governor confirmed that soldiers were at the scene under whose order he didn't know.


Morning after the shooting


In the morning after the night of the shooting, Governor Sanwo-Olu visited victims, saying that the shooting was unfortunate. He looked totally shocked and disappointed while announcing that at least, 25 persons were wounded during the shooting. In an updated Twitter post, he said it was sad to announce that two persons had died from the shooting. 

One died as a result of "blunt force trauma to the head".

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