[Poem] if Nigeria Ever Dies, Hatred Killed Her by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

 [Poem] if Nigeria Ever Dies, Hatred Killed Her by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

[Poem] if Nigeria Ever Dies, Hatred Killed Her by Atiku Shekari #Arewapublisize

Nigeria is a country known to be the giant of Africa, a country with multi ethnic groups and the most populated so far in Africa. Nigeria has been known to be a blessed nation with bountiful natural gifts. 

When I was a kid, the Nigeria's slogan, Nigeria's national anthem and pledge was enough for me to believe we all are one. Today, we barely care of the pledges we made while reciting the National pledge. 

Our nationalists fought and worked tirelessly for our independent freedom today, to unite us as one, outshined us in the eyes of others and had all foundations laid down for the betterment of the country. 

Alas! We destroyed their efforts. 

Today! Love turns hatred. Community crises, religious crises, political crises and economic crises becomes the talk of the day. 

The problem of Nigeria arises from same Nigerians and only when hatred and selfishness could be kept aside would then the problem be tackled. Nigeria is tantamount to be destroyed if selfishness and online hate speech are not dealt away with. So far, the problem of Nigeria will keep on increasing if citizens and leaders are not ready to tolerate love. 

Nigeria is dying by hatred on a daily basis. Massacres, Bandits, Hate speech, Accidents as result to bad roads, Religious/Communal crises and the game of politics is killing Nigeria. The East no longer tolerates the North and the North no longer tolerates the South, vice versa. 

Surely, if Nigeria ever dies, it is hatred that killed her. A country which just celebrated its 60th independence anniversary yet knows no peace.

October 2020, the month Nigeria is known to celebrate its independence, came sudden mass protest by Nigeria youths to put an end to the excessive use of force by the Special Anti-robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police (SARS).




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