Nigeria Young Blogger Smilezee Took To His Social Media Handles With A Message To Lil Frosh Due To His Recent Incident


Message To Nigeria Rapper Lil Frosh Amid Young Nigeria Blogger 

Nigeria Fast rising Star & Blogger @Kvng_Fia_Smilezee took to his social medias handle to retweet about the recent incident about Nigeria Versatile Yoruba Rapper Lil Frosh & Girl Friend Gift which got the world talking & booming.

Check out his message to @LHIL_FROSH

Lil Frosh Stand fem bro, Greatness await you, the fall of a young star like you is not the End of your Success, you can do more better without DMW bro, If I would even say it is DMW that still your shine because back then in 2018 when you started your instagram sensational trend with Zinoleesky, you are even doing far better than when you join AMW before later join DMW bro.

Despite we all know you are a jealous boyfriend and you are never right & can never be right at what you did to someone daughter bro that got the world talking about you, this also got many people who don't know you to know you bro and 90% of those shouting your name up & down even know who is Lil Frosh, and don't know you have made hit songs back to back with Zinoleesky before got signed by Davido.

Try and control your temper as a man bro, if really you are ready for love you need to exercise patience, perhaps if you don't really trust her why dating her at the first site bro and I believe she was who she is before you meet her, I guess you now at the top now know much about and may get the clear picture of Nigeria Queen of Music Tiwa Savage and Husband which try to stop her from showcasing her talent and what made who she is today and that got them into another diversity which lead to Divorce now.

Bro Calm Down Some days are like that.
The Lord is your strength never give up Door close another door open!!!
Better days ahead to you wish to meet you someday at the top.

I love your music. Kip the FIA 🔥 burning never let the failure of today spoil your tomorrow.

DMW is not the end of your Success.
Fair wind bruh
Written by Kvng Fia Smilezee 

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