HABIT - composition by Yol Favour Nguuma

 HABIT - composition by Yol Favour Nguuma 

HABIT - composition by Yol Favour Nguuma

Something you do often

It's done almost without thinking

A usual behavior

An addiction

It sometimes defines you

It can be positive

It can be negative

It could be constructive

It could be destructive

There's no pretence

Cuz, you're not conscious of it

It's a license

To how far you'll go in life

It has raised people to heights

It has dropped some to depths

It has widened opportunities to few

It has narrowed privileges to many

It has earned achievements to people

It has fought the progress of some

It has won advancements to few

It has battled the success of many

The questions are

Where have you gone with it?

Where is it taking you to?

What has it done to you?

What will it do to you?

What are you doing about it?

Written and composed by

Yol Favour Nguuma

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