[Business] Nature of soft drinks market in makurdi, benue state - cocacola, pepsi,rccola,Bigi #Arewapublisize

 [Business] Nature of soft drinks market in makurdi, benue state - cocacola, pepsi,rccola,Bigi #Arewapublisize

[Business] Nature of soft drinks market in makurdi, benue state - cocacola, pepsi,rccola,Bigi #Arewapublisize

Makurdi, the benue state capital, is known to be a confluence town, where people from different places meet, in fact, at another part of makurdi, you can be able to count the number of 'tiv people' there. Many people doubt if makurdi is a northern nigerian town, because, the lifestyle here is not like the typical northern nigerian lifestyle.

 Soft drinks are so important in our daily lives, they serve as fast foods, source of fast energy, even indomie and spaghetti are not fast foods compared to 'soft drinks', in makurdi, the soft drinks market is totally different, a more fierce competition awaits any seller, dedication and good relationship with customers will take you up anyways.

 The high patronage are mostly at the motor parks, The benue links, Yaman parks, posh connect park, new nyanya transport and Ihotu motor parks, this is where passengers moving from makurdi to cities like Akwanga, Lafia, Jos, Lokoja, Zaki biam, Otukpo and Wukari mostly board cars. These motor parks in makurdi are mostly characterized by high influx of human beings who aren't after garnished food but rather fast foods that they could eat and quickly be on their way.

 The best soft drinks supplier in makurdi is located;
Behind Savannah hotel, one way in makurdi, benue state. 

 Most soft drinks operators in makurdi, the benue state capital have the burden of carrying drinks out for supplies,

To people who sell in retail shops, unlike the rural areas, Soft drinks in makurdi are being carried out for supplies just like sachet water and bread manufacturers do.

 To go deeper, places with the highest sales of softdrinks in makurdi, include Yaman park and New nyanya transport, these parks are located at the biggest junction in makurdi, where the 'food basket of the nation statue' is. Areas such as the 'rice mill area' near river benue and onitsha street which has more average nigerians also patronize soft drinks a lot. The rice mill in makurdi is where rice is parboiled and milled, it has employed many benue residents.

Popular soft drinks suppliers including Rccola, Pepsi, coca cola, Bigi , LA casera and limca have continued to enjoy a wide market in makurdi, the benue state capital.

 Areas which patronize these drinks again are areas that are filled up with people engaging in hard work to earn money, people who engage in hard work include, Laborers, wheelbarrow pushers, builders, hawkers, and so on, these areas include Wadata, Wurukum, Rice mill near river benue, Naka, Kanshio and so on.

Soft drinks which continue to control the market in makurdi include; Rccola, Coca cola, laca sera, pepsi and limca

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