[Exposed] !! See how Kaduna Entertainment Awards (KEA) cheated on Sparrex tha rapper - details - #Arewapublisize

[Exposed] !!See how Kaduna Entertainment Awards (KEA) cheated on Sparrex tha rapper - details - #Arewapublisize

See how Kaduna Entertainment Awards (KEA) cheated on Sparrex tha rapper - details - #Arewapublisize

Kaduna state hardcore rapper "Sparrex tha rapper" has taken to his Facebook timeline to lament on how he was manipulated upon by Kaduna Entertainment awards during the 6th edition ceremony.

  A very delicate case, that should even be taken to the court, but sparrex tha rapper is a man of faith, and this will be brought out for fans to see it, in peace, "e don pass, e don pass ne kawai".  Check screenshot of the post below, what he said in details is down below this post:
See how Kaduna Entertainment Awards (KEA) cheated on Sparrex tha rapper - details - #Arewapublisize

In summary, a category tagged "INDIGENOUS SONG OF THE YEAR", indigenous means artist who are solely from Kaduna. My people am I speaking? Indigenous means that category is for Kaduna- born artists, but guess what, apart from sparrex tha rapper, only DJ cinch and DJ AB were from Kaduna. They went to nominate artists from different states, this was wrong and they should apologize to sparrex tha rapper. They nominated BOC (bauchi), morrell (maiduguri) , classic (bauchi).


KEA awards didn't encourage indigenous artists, but rather "CHASED CLOUT" and should better apologize.

Instead, introduce categories that can contain artists from other states, instead of stepping on indigenous artists. A SHAME

Check what sparrex had to say, quoted from him

"KEA Awards 2019

KEA AWARDS 2019 2019 KEA Awards was really great and it was fun but I had an issue with a particular Category.
I happened to Summit my entry under BEST INDIGENOUS SONG OF THE YEAR category, but as God will make it I was not nominated(I guess my content wasn't good enough). Suprisinly when the Nomination list was out, Under the Category was Dj Cinch(KD), ClassiQ(Bauchi), BOC(Bauchi), Dj Ab(Kd) and Morell(Maiduguri).
Now my issue was not because I was not nominated or something but last I checked it was labeled "Kaduna Entertainment Award". Under other categories were all kd based acts but why the mix in that category(BEST INDIGENOUS SONG OF THE YEAR)
But why??? Is it that Dj Cinch is the only indigenous Act we have in KD? Was it that He was the only one with good content that was eligible to be under the category? Well thats not my issue.....my question is Why not only KD based acts?
I was really troubled and it got me thinking "Did ClassiQ, BOC and Morell submitted an entry under the Category or KEA Awards felt like Including them under the category?"
I might have gotten this wrong and thats why I'm looking for answers now so I could know.
Nevertheless I have a Song that I'm about to drop and I titled it ZANA, and by the grace of God I'll still summit my entry for the 2020 Edition of the KEA AWARDS.
Ah this junction I want to stop and say a big shout out to KEA AWARDS and KADUNA ENTERTAINMENT at large, Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 edition and every nominee. God bless y'all 
#KeaAwards #KD #Arewa #ZANA

Kaduna entertainment awards should apologize publicly is they want peace.


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