OVERCOMING THE FRUSTRATION BARRIER by Yol Favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

OVERCOMING THE FRUSTRATION BARRIER by Yol Favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

OVERCOMING THE FRUSTRATION BARRIER by Yol Favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

Running the race through the journey of life, we are encountered with so many problems, challenges, unpleasant situations and discouragements.

 Sometimes if we aren't so strong to overlook the problems, challenges and discouragements, we become too weak, heart broken and it seems all morale is gone. I call this 'frustration'.

 Frustration is a barrier to success.
So many things causes frustration like those listed above, frustration leads one to having a low self esteem and this may prevent you from even attempting the things you are sure you can do that may lead you to success.

One way or the other on this journey you will be faced with a lot of things that can get you frustrated and discouraged but, you don't have to let them get to you.

 When faced with any of the above mentioned, you can look for someone reliable that you can share your problems with, someone who is willing to always help. If you find it difficult to do that, always remember that there are unique things about you.
Instead of getting frustrated, just try to activate the unique aspects of your life. Make use of your talents and gifts.

Always remember you are unique and different from everyone so, be yourself. Trying to be someone else can get you frustrated and even make you sad always, I think that's one of the worst mistake any human being can make: leaving your personality and trying to be another.

Always remember that you are one in millions. Always be thankful to God for the people around you.

Don't let frustration stop you from doing the right thing. Many people rely on you. If you break down, they also break down. If you are strong, they become stronger.
Always remember this and try not to be the cause of the falling of any man.

Yol Favour Nguuma

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