Being a queen is an atmosphere, not a position. By women Extraordinaire #Arewapublisize

Being a queen is an atmosphere, not a position. By women Extraordinaire  #Arewapublisize

Being a queen is an atmosphere, not a position. By women Extraordinaire  #Arewapublisize
I've always read the story of Ruth and Boaz and wondered why Boaz, despite getting advanced in age and well to do could not just pick any of the girls at his disposal for a wife.

I am sure a lot of ladies were rushing him.

He had a lot of servant girls working for him at the field but he never noticed any of them until Ruth, a widow, came along.

But he didn't make a move. As far as he was concerned she was just another servant girl too.

One day, Naomi after seeing the condition of her widowed daughter-in-law told her, "wash and perfume yourself, and put on your best clothes. Then go down to the threshing floor of Boaz, but don't let him know you are there until he has finished eating and drinking."

What was Naomi saying?

You have been dressing and behaving like all the other servant girls, it is time to step up your game.

For Boaz to notice you the way he ought to, you must go the extra mile.

There is something all the other girls are not doing, that you must do.

To attract his kind, you must be his kind.

To attract a great man, you must be great.

You can't want to marry a great man and be comfortable doing what ordinary ladies do. No ma!

You must go the extra mile.

You must wash yourself. You must perfume yourself.

You want to marry a man on fire for God, then you must wash yourself with the fire of God. You must perfume yourself with presence of God.

You can't afford to sleep like other ladies.

You can't invest all your time on movies and gisting.

Something must distinguish you!

God will not carry an unprepared lady and give a prepared man. God is not unjust ma.

Before Esther and all the other ladies were presented to the King, they underwent twelve months of beauty treatments.

This suggests that If you must marry a king, you must first be prepared for queen-ship.


A physical crown is just a symbol, but real queens wear their crowns long before they are even noticed.

Preparation will set the crown on your head!

To meet your Boaz, you must supersede his servant girls. Something must distinguish you from all the girls he comes across.

How much are you preparing for the man you are praying to God night and day for. Anything you are not prepared for can kill you.

What things are you doing in preparation for the great destiny God has shown you long before now?


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