Beauty lies in the Eyes of "de guy wey never f*uck you" - A must read #Arewapublisize

 Beauty lies in the Eyes of "de guy wey never f*uck you" - A must read #Arewapublisize

 Beauty lies in the Eyes of "de guy wey never f*uck you" - A must read #Arewapublisize

Girls be like "he was giving me full attention" , "he used to say without me he cannot breathe", "he used to say I'm his oxygen". Well done ohhh, madam oxygen, you are surely the number 8th element on the periodic table.

 Look, it takes the grace of God for a guy to "kpansh you" and still show you he loves you genuinely, I'm using "Kpansh" because google are against bad words these days, so I don't want this website am writing for, suspended. A guy can show you he loves you, after smashing you, but most at times , he only Wants the second round. 

 There are faithful boyfriends tho, but sister, most guys, when you go the long way of opening your punani, just forget, they aren't reasoning you again. That's why I don't blame girls who show attitude to guys a lot, I don't blame them, because some boys are just here for the smashing part only.

 The problem is in the girls too, some girls, before you get to them, a guy has to put in work, energy and so much time, that he will even imagine if this girl's "private part is golden" or something else. So when the guy finally gets to the girl and finds out she's a normal human being, she sweats, her anus smells like everybody's, and menstruates, this will get him thinking like, OK why was this girl playing too hard to get, for so longgggg.

The idiom "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" has now been reverted in Nigeria, because 80% of nigerian men, once they have slept with you, you will notice a slack in the attention they will give you, and some days there will be a sudden hike in the attention they will give you, on that very day, "they just want to kpansh you again" so be wise, although some girls ma toh, that's what they want, so both parties, have fault.

So dear sister, "Beauty lies in the eyes of de guy wey never f**uck you", once a guy has tasted you, just keep praying.

Don't say you will like me, because I'm exposing boys, "Na same juju bring us come", I was paid to write this, LMAO

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The online journalist
Andrew Mngutswenga Gogo
A nigerian for 21 years now
[email protected]
+2349037510233 @whatsapp

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