THE POWER OF MUSIC by Yol Favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

THE POWER OF MUSIC by Yol Favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

THE POWER OF MUSIC by Yol Favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

People see music as just a mere song. It is a song, that's absolutely 'true but, there's more to know about music. As little as this sounds it is very powerful because, it can build and it can also destroy.

It all began when Lucifer, a great singer was driven from heaven as a result of some misbehaviours. He was really talented in singing, in desperation, he is looking for friends that would be with him in agony.

 There are so many ways he can get people, but since he was talented in music and the world loves music, it is a faster way. He is winning souls through music and so many eyes are blind that they can't see it.

Music is supposed to inspire, motivate, uplift your spirit, bring you closer to God, bring you to a place of worship, heal, break chains, break demonic yokes etc. but people are being used by who they choose to follow i.e. Lucifer, the devil.

 Instead of changing lives positively, it is causing negative effects on people's lives, it brings about lust, sexual immorality and so many nonsense. This is gradually pushing people down to a place of agony, tears, gnashing of teeth, a place where there is no repentance.

Beware of the music you listen to or sing. Let it be music that inspires you, motivate you to do the right thing, draws you closer to your creator, heals, delivers and so on.

 The devil is very deceitful, people will give you reasons why you should listen to some music but, if you don't see what the music has in store for you, leave it.
I make a promise to you, listen to the right music and you'll discover what God has in store for you.

Yol Favour Nguuma

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