Message to hypocrites that protest by MC Adahson Afcr #Arewapublisize

Message to hypocrites that protest by MC Adahson Afcr #Arewapublisize

Message to hypocrites that protest by MC Adahson Afcr #Arewapublisize
This is a chat from a very close friend this morning and this is not my regular posts. We can all pretend we didn't see this until it affects us directly.
In this country, we only protest or cry foul when it happens in our household. It's getting close! Did anyone noticed pictures from yesterday's protest in KD where our broken mothers walked the streets naked? Oh I forgot, it's not on DStv channel so most of us didn't see it. Abeg any family wey e affect next, cry for yourself.

     Don't drag us to protest or cry for u as u also didn't speak out for others. It's getting close! If u feel u live near police station or at Rayfield and nothing can harm u, pray not to meet reprisal attacks while travelling on the highway! If u think one way or the other this doesn't affect us all, think again. I remember how everybody protested #blacklivesmatter on their timelines when a white cop killed George Floyd.

        Sotai America and Israel or Iran go fight, we go see youths de protest for Abuja. But women and children are being slaughtered like ram every night in Taraba, Benue, Plateau, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Zamfara etc and all I see on my timeline is either Dorothy's breasts or DM me for price or at worst, how the government is shocked and will bring perpetrators to book.

      Last week I went to pass the night in my school to check my property and narrowly escaped death as some people came burgling rooms in a neighboring compound, I couldn't wait to confirm if they were vigilantes or hungry residents or unknown bandits, I sneaked out and ran into the bush and passed the night there. Right there in the middle of no where, i called a fellow Comedian to alert relevant authorities for me. I ran back to Jos as early as 5am and refused to tell anybody. 

How about all the protests we wore black and trecked from old airport snapping with girls and collecting numbers? Did anyone care to ask how far if justice was later served or not? People no longer walk about with their phones at night cos your own hungry neighbor will stab u and collect it before the main bandits come at night. Dear hypocrites, let's keep pretending as if nothing is happening until it's our turn. No worry. Just wait, all of us de queue.

By Mc Adahson Acfr

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