[Good news] The Royal Crown (RC) drinks finally opens a depot in Makurdi, Benue state -details #Arewapublisize

 [Good news] The Royal Crown (RC) drinks finally opens a depot in Makurdi, Benue state -details #Arewapublisize

 [Good news] The Royal Crown (RC) drinks finally opens a depot in Makurdi, Benue state -details #Arewapublisize

The royal crown beverages, the company which have been making soft drinks for a century now, have finally, open a depot in makurdi, the benue state capital. You would ask, why has a company which has been in operation since in the early '90s be opening a depot just now. The answer is the "RC drinks" started operations in Nigeria, just in 2019, the RC drinks are the stable drinks to countries like canada. Russia, iraq, france and so on and are still making a network of distributors. The branch which is located at

No. 53 Onitsha street, off makurdi - Otukpo express way.

Is now fully in operation, with stocks coming in regularly to meet up with the demands, we got many agents now in makurdi, and these two numbers below are ever active, call them to direct you to our depot, or for your supplies. Numbers are below:

1. +2349037510233 calls or WhatsApp

2. +2349022136719 calls only

The RC drinks have been widely accepted, partly because the comprise of every flavour, i simply describe RC drinks as

  • "A summary to every soft drink in Nigeria" 

Why is this so?

1. RC drink has the orange flavor, which is equivalent to "Fanta"
Rc drinks, orange flavor

2. They have the cola flavor, which is equivalent to "coke"
Rccola flavor


3. Thirdly, they have the zero sugar, which remembers the elderly amongst us, this drink contains 0% of sugar, making it nice for old people
Zero coke flavor of RC drinks

4. RC drinks have the lemon flavor, which is equivalent to the Sprite, lime, Schweppes that we have.
Memo flavour pf RC drinks

5. Lastly, RC drinks have the Apple flavor, which is equivalent to the popular apple drinks like "Lacasera"
The apple flavored of RC sft drinks

But RC is preferably, because it is an upgraded version, a company operating for a century now, should give you the ultimate best.

The RC drink gives a mind blowing quantity of 50cl which goes for only #100 naira, and from our depot, 12 bottles, that is a pack, will cost only #950, as a retailer, you sell 12 bottles, make #1,200, a profit of #250.

Tell somebody to tell somebody to tell all the shop owners in makurdi benue state, from Benue state university, to wurukum, to high level, to wadata, to Achusa, to northbank, to University of Agric, to otukpo road, that the RC DRINKS, HAVE TOUCHED DOWN MAKURDI

Location remains

No. 53 Onitsha street, off Makurdi - Otukpo express way

Our hot lines are



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The online journalist
Andrew Mngutswenga Gogo
A nigerian for 21 years now
+2349037510233 @whatsapp

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