FG Reacts After Video Shows Nigerian Tied Up And Tortured In Pakistan (Video) #Arewapublisize

FG Reacts After Video Shows Nigerian Tied Up And Tortured In Pakistan (Video) #Arewapublisize

FG Reacts After Video Shows Nigerian Tied Up And Tortured In Pakistan (Video) #Arewapublisize
 After a video appeared online showing a Nigerian being tortured in Pakistan, the government has reacted.
Nigerian government through the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) has reacted after a video showed a Nigerian abducted and tortured in Pakistan.

The video posted by blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus on Monday caused serious outrage on social media as people condemned the act while calling for the culprits to be brought to book.

The man was said to be a Nigerian, tied up and tortured as he cried out to a brother at large whom he claimed used him as collateral for drugs.

The unidentified man was said to have been filmed by a gang to force his colleague out of hiding to meet a financial obligation the duo had entered into with the merchants.
Stella Dimoko Korkus, said the victim was used as collateral in a Pakistan drug deal.

“Someone sent this to me so we help this Nigerian man. They say he was used as collateral for drugs (possibly in Pakistan)and his friend Andrew is nowhere to be found,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Please if you recognize this man and know his friend Andrew, beg him to swing into action. He says he will be killed on July 12 if Andrew does not pay up.

“Swipe to watch the last part. I stayed awake traumatized by this. Andrew, go save your brother! Tag as many people as u can that might help.”

Speaking on the video, Gabriel Odu, a spokesperson of NIDCOM said that the commission had reached out to the appropriate authorities in Pakistan to address the issue.

“If they can track the location, address, persons involved, etc, they would revert to the commission. But now information about the event is sketchy. We will update appropriately,” Odu explained in a tweet.

In a statement, the commission said: “Our attention has been drawn to this disturbing video of a Nigerian brutally beaten up and threatened to be killed by a deadly Pakistani gang after his brother ripped off the gang.

“We’re escalating to our mission in Islamabad, Pakistan for investigation.”

The commission also urged Nigerians in Pakistan to be calm as investigations commence.

Watch video below:
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Nigerian man mercilessly tortured in the Middle East after his relative named Andrew left him with drug lords as a collateral and didn't return. . A harrowing video going viral shows a Nigerian man being beaten mercilessly by two men in the Middle East. . They had his hands tied behind him as they flogged him. One of the men later pulled a gun on him and shot but he narrowly missed his head. . . In the video, the Nigerian man is heard crying and begging Andrew to show up. . . He added that he has told his uncle to sell everything and pay "Nuruz." He looked into the camera and repeated the plea to his uncle to come and bail him out. . . The Nigerian man added that if the money Andrew owes the drug dealers is not paid before July 10, he will be executed. . . "Andrew, look at what you put me through. Look at what you put your brother through. And you say I am your brother," the Nigerian man cried in agony as they flogged him. . . One of the men is heard saying, "Next time I'm gonna shoot" while holding a gun to the Nigerian man's head.
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