[Facts] If your Elder brother is still Applying N-power, better start Huzzling for yourself #Arewapublisize

 [Facts] If your Elder brother is still Applying N-power, better start Huzzling for yourself #Arewapublisize

 [Facts] If your Elder brother is still Applying N-power, better start guzzling for yourself #Arewapublisize

I don't know about your country, but in Nigeria, Younger ones escape poverty by the help of their elder siblings, like in my own case, I extort money from my parents, I don't use this money randomly, I usually invest this funds, stay woke on my huzzle so that at least when my junior sister asks me for 2,000 naira,at least I will be able to give her 3,000 naira.

I huzzle tight, because most of my elder cousins, today, when I see them I don't even greet them because they don't have anything to add up to my life, as an elder, being serious and having money will make your juniors respect you more. That's a hard truth, but take it.

With the current Empowerment going on by the federal Government of Nigeria, N-power has helped people, yes I know, but N-power is for people who don't think far, if you are above 21yrs and you are still applying N-power, well it is better than stealing, but I want to tell you this,

  •  you are starting your life soooooo late, by now you are supposed to be opening businesses with money you have saved 

and not applying a job that they will pay you 10,000 each and train you for 3 months!!.

See time is going ohhh, you are 21yrs and 10,000 naira is still plenty money to you, life might catch up with you, your mates are making their first million at 22yrs.

A break down, if you are paid 10,000 naira, for a month,

1."how much you wan use chop food", 

2. How much will you use to buy clothes, and you really love louis vuitton right??

3. Will you be able to change your phone to Tecno spark 5??

Don't get me wrong, it is good to start small right?? But at the age of 20yrs+ you aren't supposed to be at this stage.

If you are a type that looks up to your elder brothers and sisters and you have seen them apply N-power, please, I beg you, that's a wrong move, start huzzling for yourself, how much will an N-power personnel give you out of the 10,000 he or she earns.

It is really sad, 10,000 naira is still much money to people above 20yrs. So so sad.

This is a very serious advice,
 but real advices don't need to be typed in a long format

Wise ones get the main points

Article by: 
The online journalist
Andrew Mngutswenga Gogo
A nigerian for 21 years now
[email protected]
+2349037510233 @whatsapp 

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