ALWAYS GIVING EXCUSES? By Yol favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

ALWAYS GIVING EXCUSES? By Yol favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

ALWAYS GIVING EXCUSES? By Yol favour Nguuma #Arewapublisize

No matter how meaningful and interesting excuses are, they are very useless. They are most times characterized by transference of blame. Excuses doesn't push you forward, excuses squeezes you.

 The Bible tells us a little story in Genesis 3:1-19. I learnt the danger of excuses and pushing blame. After going against the instruction of God, Adam said it was the woman who God gave to be with him that made him go against God's instruction.

The woman said it was the serpent that deceived her. They both gave excuses even without asking the question 'why'.

But guess what? Excuses didn't stop them from being punished. Adam received his punishment, Eve received her share and so did the serpent. None went unpunished.

They both had the right to say 'NO', but they didn't. You have no excuse for the things that happen in your life because the choice was yours and no one made the decision for you.

There's one funny and deceptive thing about excuses i.e. It makes you feel good, cool and perfect about yourself but, these feelings just last for a while but, the danger extends beyond the present.

Excuses doesn't stop you from being punished.
Excuses stops one from reaching the top. It stops one from achieving his/her desired goal. It's a barrier to being great and a hindrance to your success. If you want to succeed in life, you must avoid excuses.

Yol Favour Nguuma

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