[Story] Educate these boys - A rape story by Swagzylove #Arewapublisize

[Story] Educate these boys - A rape story by Swagzylove #Arewapublisize

[Story] Educate these boys - A rape story by Swagzylove #Arewapublisize

This morning about 09:15hrs the securitymen in my estate rushed to my gate to alert me of an ongoing crime that is being perpetrated.

We rushed to the house and discovered that 7boys were raping 2girls. We caught them in the act all pants down, the girls have been beaten and perhaps drugged. We called in the police immediately. What I saw is not forgivable, one of the girls was slightly burnt with a hot pressing iron because she refused to submit.

Before police arrived, myself and other excos present interrogated the criminal boys and the girls in separate rooms, what we discovered was shocking. These girls left there parent homes at Gbagada GRA this morning to come and give their female friend a surprise birthday gift at her cousin's house not knowing their friend actually set them up.

When they got there they were offered Chivita orange juice laced with marijuana and codeine, immediately the drug started taking its toll on the girls the boys pounced on them. 

We've been able to get the girl who arranged this crime....her reasons: *I wanted to know if they were truly virgins, that they always mock her since she lost her virginity.* All these girls are year 1 students of Unilag and are 18 and 19years of age.

As parents, I want to encourage us to scrutinize the friends our sons and daughters keep. So many evil these days.

The boys have been arrested, the girls parents have been notified and the girls moved to a medical facility (hospital name withheld) on Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja

We need to continually educate these kids to avoid things like this.

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