[Gist] Who observed Wizkid has never ever kissed a woman in public? #Arewapublisize

[Gist] Who observed Wizkid has never ever kissed a woman in public? #Arewapublisize

[Gist] Who observed Wizkid has never ever kissed a woman in public? #Arewapublisize
Well, I've never ever seen my parents kissing or speaking nice to each other, but isn't the lord good? , I have 5 junior siblings, those are "African parents" for you, they don't make love while you are there, but they are hunnie and Wet as fuck, "dem de kpansh nonstop".

 Wizkid is a kind of a strict person in public I guess, he has children, and roll with women, so definitely Wizkid must be kissing almost every week. But wizzy has never ever kissed a lady in public, like I've never ever seen one incident.

 Highest he could do for a female fan that caught serious konji while he was performing is to hug her. Well David Adeleke has kissed like dozens of lagos women. My friend even made a joke.
He said

"When he goes to Lagos, he will just be kissing women, multiple women, and he will definitely meet a lady Davido has once kissed".

That's so funny. Wizkid does many bad things, but that "I came from the street" part of a hustler is clearly written in his doings. Wizkid is close to only but a few ladies, a guy that keeps his circle so small. Another guy made a joke.

He said,
wizkid's Circle asin people he rolls with is as small as a dot. 

Wizkid hardly does "Giveaways",

the boy who created the viral picture of Wizkid and Davido got nothing from Wizkid, 

Davido gave him a million naira, Don't get me wrong, am not saying wizkid, is stingy, but this is someone who knows everybody he spends money on, either life of wild giveaways and strict life of Davido and wizkid respectively are all good. Because you can't tell somebody how to spend his or her cash.

I've never seen wizkid kiss a lady in public, but he has many children lmao, a typical African parent.

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