NCDC Staffs should be ready for EFCC harassment after the coronavirus #Arewapublisize

NCDC Staffs should be ready for EFCC harassment after the coronavirus #Arewapublisize

NCDC Staffs should be ready for EFCC harassment after the coronavirus #Arewapublisize
"We have spent over 800 million Naira on coronavirus patients so far", that was what Lagos commissioner said. Well, let him keep calling big values, he feels it is fun right? LMAO, the EFCC are watching and listing down, you all will explain what you did with this money. Millions of dollars donated to Nigeria and believe me, even you reading this post has seen no changes....

Bauchi state commissioner said they spend 4,500 Naira daily of food of each patients

"for Weti na"?, "na octopus una de cook for them?", 4,500 everyday on each patient, well every Nigerian citizen including Buhari would love to go to the isolation centers, if this is true. The spending is too loud, for Christ sake na.

   The Economic and Financial Crimes commission, responsible for dragging so many yahoo boys to law between 2018-2020 are supposed to have being watching this. same way a politician is not jailed while still in power till after his tenure is exactly what will happen to the "Nigerian Center for Disease control (NCDC) staffs. They will all explain how they spent the millions of Dollars donated to fight Coronavirus in Nigeria, I therefore urge all Nigerians to stay calm, everything passes by, they won't keep us locked forever.

  I could swear, there is coronavirus in Nigeria quiet alright,

 but all the "500 confirmed cases", all in one day are all false, false, false, 

and I hope and call on the EFCC To send these people down, before they even squander all the money they have looted as a result of coronavirus.

  As a Nigeria for 21 years now, the first time I started believing in Nigeria is when the famous "Chief Joshua Dariye", a senator in Plateau state Nigeria, whom I felt had all the power in the world was apprehended forced under law and sent to jail, I was schooling at Usmanu Danfodio, sokoto state by then, I was surprised, "so nobody is actually above the law", and with the current killing of "Orjondu", the famous Criminal from zaki-biam , ukum local government, Benue state, I am convinced Nigeria is actually coming up when it has to do with law. The NCDC should explain, in details, and about the lockdown, "it is not easy at all", I won't marry a girl who's father works with the NCDC, "yes, e reach this extend ohh".

Like I said earlier, there is coronavirus in Nigeria, but all that "1,000 new cases" in one day shit, Abeg , Abeg, Abeg, they should be ready to explain. And that Bauchi state commissioner who said "we spend 4,500 everyday on each patient" owes me a personal apology, like he should look for me and apologize, Weti nau?.

They won't open the country till they have made all the money they want, to all my guys who huzzle to get little and are suffering this lockdown, omo i pay respect, God is still alive.

To join the movement and push the EFCC to get ready for NCDC, if you are a twitter user, use this hashtag,


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The online journalist
Andrew Mngutswenga Gogo
A nigerian for 21 years now
[email protected]
+2349037510233 @whatsapp

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