[Facts] Madagascar is currently the world's power #Arewapublisize

[Facts] Madagascar is currently the world's power #Arewapublisize

[Facts] Madagascar is currently the world's power #Arewapublisize
 Covid organics is what the "World health organization" hate most, but can't physically destroy. perhaps, if they knew a research was ongoing to discover a drug for coronavirus, they would have stopped it, they don't only hate the facts that "Africa" made the cure, they so much hate that it was from Madagascar, a country that would get famous because of this basis.

  Currently the USA can't provide a cure, there are many so called vaccines but instead of doing swift research, I am hearing something like, it will take "a year", I also heard about one, it will take "18 months before it is ready". So a disease that is claiming lives, it will take you up to a year to make the cure. Then every scientist in USA is not and will never be serious.

 Facts be told, Madagascar's cure was released since 20th April, WHO did all it can to trash it, and Madagascar do not have that much to promote that drug, what they did was to use it in silence on their patients. When the whole world saw that it cured their patients, they knew this was the cure, but check the situation, "Even African countries don't want to patronize this cure", Nigeria only ordered for it, after three weeks of repeated hype and denied ordering it, funny.

 Non of the top countries or any white country has gone for this cure, why? , because they feel it is African based. God should please keep frustrating them till they bow to Madagascar.

  I am a Nigerian but my hands up for Madagascar,  It is their time for Upliftment, there is a saying in Nigeria, "Life na turn by turn", Madagascar's time, nothing can stop it, they are already making history, currently the only people who have the cure, currently the world's power.

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