[Gist] Why Jos artists should start having Baby Mamas. #Arewapublisize.

[Gist] Why Jos artists should start having Baby Mamas. #Arewapublisize.

[Gist] Why Jos artists should start having Baby Mamas. #Arewapublisize.
  C'mon jos Artists, am about to give out some bad advices but tell me, if I don't advice Artists, who will?, smiles. Alright Straight up, Baby mamas are essential in the music industry, as well as, it is not an "Everybody thing", that's why you see artists such as Burna boy, jumping from one woman to another without getting them impregnated.
  When you have a Baby mama, trust me, there is drama, Maybe she beefing one gal that commented nicely on your Instagram post, or she beefing your video vixen, trust me, there must be a beef. And this beef bro, keeps your name in circulation, giving bloggers and gossipers what to talk about.

And when people gossip your children lifestyle, it elevates your name too, keeps your name in circulation, an example is the likes of wills smith and jaden smith, anything jaden does, they blame it on wills, and this is for the strong, you have to care less about what people say.

  If your baby mama na "sabi woman" sef, you can even arrange a fake beef, like maybe she sued you in court, or she accused you of beating her, now that is exactly what Davido and wiz kid do with their baby mamas, just make sure you give her so much money, she will be your topmost fan, and will do everything you ask.

  In jos plateau state, where we have alot of artist, all doing so well. Artist like Boy Aux, Bizakeem, Asound, Whyt3 3ffect, Sardonyx, Lilsham, Deecoy, Jaycee Ace, Spunky, Amblo, Toper tee, Caesar joewi, Greezbeat and so on.
  This advise is to you all, next time to spanking your girl, don't use condom, lmao!!! This advise goes to the female artists too. Try and make children jhor.

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