[NEWS] Ayoo Akande and Petier Emerge MR/MISS ASSON 2020- Benue state university #Arewapublisize

[NEWS] Ayoo Akande and Petier Emerge MR/MISS ASSON 2020- Benue state university  #Arewapublisize

The Anatomical Student Society of Nigeria, Benue state university's day, was the biggest so far on the campus of Benue state university, as it came to a grand finale 29th - february- 2020.
  Indeed, the Mr/miss ASSON's title, is the most admired title on the campus of Benue state university, partly due to the fact that  Anatomy students are the ones who mould medical doctors and read the biggest textbooks on earth.  AYOO AKANDE Emerged the winner of the Mr. ASSON Category, while, PETIER emerged MISS ASSON, congratulations to these winners, more wins we pray. The event which was organized due to the hardwork of the new ASSON 2019 EXCOs, was a huge success, took place at the college of health science auditorium 1, Benue State University, most recognized efforts are those of  DIVINE ODE, A dedicated member of the ASSON and the best future leader they could expect.
With competion from many participants and highest Audience turnups, ASSON FINALE was the best event this semester.
 Always recognized as one of the best ceremony on campus of BSU, various artists performed, leaving the audience in total awe, from dancers to comedians, to artists, Famous jos based artist AMBLO, came thuu with his famous tiv jam titled "TSEV",  a well organized and kodus clean job  to the EXCOs, we wish to see more peaceful coordinations like this on campus.

  A little bit of the competition went thus, the participants had series of stage walks, with beautiful smiles and different attires, and for a credible occasion, the audience did the voting, the traditional outfits were the best tho, showcasing the beauty of africa. no long talks, let the pictures do the talking, long live ASSON!!! LONG LIVE  BSU!!, LONG LIVE NIGERIA!!!, event pictures below.

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