[GOSSIP] Asound -mayor of jos models with a hot girl, in new pictures (photos) #Arewapublisize

[GOSSIP] Asound -mayor of jos models with a hot girl, in new pictures (photos) #Arewapublisize

Now!!! this photos are really turning upside down the whole facebook!!!, you know how anything a celebrity does, goes Boom!!,
he posted this barely 5 minutes and the reactions were over 100, this is what people love seeing yeah?? in his new post, Asound, mayor of jos kind of was on a chest to chest collaboration with this new chick, wait, why y'all looking at me? I sabi her ne? I just Gossip,  that's all ohhh, but oh mehn, what is mayor of jos upto?.

   In addition to the song he recorded with PROMPHIZY, titled CEPHALIC, from the title, you can't really say if we are expecting a love tune or we are expecting a gbedu season, wait y'all dont even know i can dance?when CEPHALIC is out, i will show off my moves.
   This post by mayor of jos, got too many reactions, awwnnn, i feel jealous (pronounced, jaylazzz), most of y'all feel am a bitch already. view some hilarious comments below, 

In december last year, Mayor of jos posted with a girl, could we say this is love from fans or this is........ I mean, Mayor of jos is strictly for the babies, because i don't see that "RAHMAN JAGO" party jam boy snapping with boys, he be like"tap this, tap that" well, him better pass those american boys wey de do gay sha.

     Mayor of jos' new song with PROMPHIZY, is set to be the biggest collaboration we having this year, we wish for a video too from the mayor, CEPHALIC, that's the new song, catch the vibe now, follow ASOUND on instagram @mayorofjos.

    ME,  I don gossip tire ohhh, who de hold my shirt there, free mummy's son jhor, follow arewapublisize of instagram, so you don't miss updates @arewapublisizeblog.

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