Mavin records Rema, compared to YBNL Olamide, truth or disrespect

 Mavin records Rema, compared to YBNL Olamide, truth or disrespect 

So after putting in  work for over 10 years, or more into music, you will be compared to some sort of upcoming artist?,if that is the case, I advice every artist to have a retirement date, don't comman be competing with small boys, retire when you feel you can't cope again, for real olamide's up, but comparing him to rema is wrong, capital wrong, olamide retire ohh, you don't have the sauce again,.but rema, olamide is not your mate

 Yesterday, the internet went on fire as a Twitter user made a bold declaration about Jonzing Records/Mavin superstar singer; Rema being bigger than YBNL boss; Olamide.

The user cited several reasons for his proclamation. Famous of his reasons is the fact that Rema who hasn’t even spent up to a year on the Nigerian music scene is already enjoying international recognition while Olamide who has been a presence in the Nigerian music industry for almost a decade hasn’t even tasted the international juice Rema is currently having.

Rema got endorsed by former United States president; Barrack Obama in the summer, got called to his first international festival a couple of weeks back in London and he also is becoming a “big boy” in terms of music streams. All these and more are what the Twitter user put together as a yardstick for placing Rema above Baddo. This caused serious controversial remarks on the platform yesterday, sending Twitter to a turmoil.

He received a lot of bashing for having the effrontery to undermine the hard-work and success of Olamide in the last 8 years while some applauded him for being ‘truthful.’

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