Heartless!!: Jos producer Elmore impersonates Asound's hard earned brand name

Jos producer Elmore impersonates Asound's hard earned brand name

Seeing alot of dramas happen lately, just keeps me off jos music industry activities, "the mayor of jos" is a title Asound Mike of Future lucrative gang has used since 2017, information gathered has it that, ELMORE, got to know about the title "MAYOR OF JOS" , because Asound works with a graphic designer called "ICETUNEZ", and icetunez is the official graphic designer of Elmore's record label, so Elmore seeing Asound as an ordinary jos artist, feels like stamping on a young fellow, and Icetunez, since he is all about the money, still does cover arts, for the both, OMO werey, God bless, your huzzle sha,  we recovered some evidence, when he hyped his album "FUTURE KING" December 2018, almost a year ago, and now Elmore, the beat lord as we know him, is head locked on this title, well, I don't know what someone who can't write a verse wants to be called "mayor", below are evidence of asound's brand since 2018, called mayor of jos, Asound currently has the biggest song in jos, titled "RAHMAN JAGO", check dates on the posts, they read 2018!!! #ELMORE_LEAVE_US

My points:
1. So because Asound didn't copyright this brand, everybody will watch Elmore snatch it from ?? Where una dey??, Because he went to Lagos? , C'mon we are jos! This is not lagos, we mustn't go to court copyrighting things, this Is jos, we respect each other even without courts intefering, shie na una de call Asound mayor of jos?, now same people call Elmore mayor of jos, because he shows money on Facebook? , THIS IS JOS!!!, evidence of Elmore's theft below,

2. no matter what is pulling Elmore on this title, he won't get it, he will continue using it in his hash tags, well, congratulations you type well, lord of the beat, Elmore should be humble and let the ordinary jos artist be!!! THIS IS JOS, you shouldn't come from a rented Apartment from Lagos, come to jos, eat our Gote, shop in terminus, drink our moss and get high, login to Facebook, see a jos artist trying so hard, sponsoring himself, building a little brand, and feel you will snatch it easily, you think you streets, JOS IS A WHOLE STREET!! Elmore, last prove!! Check asound's Instagram is written "MAYOR OF JOS elmore's Instagram is written elmorelordofthebeat, Una de dull me!! #ELMORE_LEAVE_US

The lord of the beats , Asound mayor of jos, but Elmore will keep using that title, am just creating an awareness so you know how jos entertainers that have 200k in their account are stamping on our indigenous artists, what will you do to stop this
Join us, use  this hashtag
#Elmore_leave_us, post on all social medias!!! NA JOS WE DEY, movement!!!



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